Thursday, 11 April 2013


Wow, it seems like it's been forever since I've written anything on here, it hasn't been obviously but it's been a whirlwind couple weeks since I last posted anything.  To be honest, I even forgot to post the last post but since it was such an epic fail in the kitchen I'm ok with 

So, back to my all started when Aaron made the decision to resign from his position in Guelph in order to work with his brother and dad which is a super bonus since he'll be home more, won't have to work shifts and generally will be a much happier person:)  The past few years due to his work schedule Aaron hasn't been able to go on any of our family vacations so my wonderful, amazing, fantastic husband decided we were going to go on a trip...of course in the midst of planning/packing all this is Easter weekend with multiple family dinners (of course one was at our place) and Aaron's Aunt Sheri (who lives in Bermuda) was coming down for a visit.  We managed to somehow pull this all off and even better was the fact that I didn't have a clue where we were going, just that I needed to pack for warm

Happy Easter
(Easter 2012)

So, on Easter Monday after packing us all up after having Easter Dinner here the day before with about 15 people we dropped the kids off with my parents and headed to the airport. I knew we were going to the Domincan at the point but didn't have a clue where...I also didn't know that a couple of our friends were coming with us either until we showed up at their place where I thought we were dropping off my truck but clued in when we started loading their luggage...hahaha.  It wasn't until we were on the plane and I was filling out our customs forms that Aaron had to let the cat out of the bag and I found out we were staying at the Hard Rock Resort & Casino in Punta Cana....yaaaay:)

I'm not going to bore you with the whole story of our vacation but I have to tell you that for someone like me who loves to eat, a lot of times resort vacations are lacking in that area....guess what...the Hard Rock didn't, it ROCKED MY WORLD...the food was awesome, beyond awesome and that just made me so happy.  Another great perk, the resort gave us credits to use towards various things on the resort as part of our package so while the guys went golfing, us girls hit the spa for massages and facials...I was in seventh heaven!!

Anyways, I just have to share some of our pics so for your viewing pleasure I present to you.....Aaron & Carrie's Hard Rock Vacation:)

Enjoying some refreshments at the Swim Up bar:)

Our Awesome Dinner Poolside at the Bongo Pool

Getting Behind the Grill with Chef Wellington at Zen
Our Amazing Dinner at Zen, Teppenyaki Style:)

Check out this video of Chef Wellington entertaining much fun!!

Hard Rock just wouldn't be Hard Rock with out some Rock & Roll memorabilia:)

Some Kiss Memorabilia
My Reason for taking Pics of Kiss Memorabilia
(Halloween 2011)

If you can't tell, we had an awesome time:)  I would recommend this resort to ANYONE, even though it's a Casino Resort they had AMAZING stuff for kids, an arcade, a kids club and their own pool with HUGE waterslides, the bucket that dumps water on you and the umbrella sprinklers. 

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