Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Birthday Carson!!

Sunday is my "day off" in the kitchen unless I feel like making something because we go to my Gramma & Grampa Smith's for Sunday Dinner every week.  It's not just my family that goes, it's the whole family, my aunts, uncles, cousins and any friends we decide to bring along with us.  Sunday Dinner at Gramma and Grampa's is a really special time for all of us, being able to get together as a family every week is just, well awesome:)  Today's Sunday Dinner was even better because my cousin Dani's little guy is turning 1 on Tuesday so we had a little birthday celebration tonight.  I also had Jalena today so Jenn and Adam could do some work so we had a whole crew of kids to entertain us:) 

Since it was his birthday, Carson did have to get his birthday spankings, I think his mom forgot he was only babies were hurt in the making of this video:)

We like to call Carson the man of 1000 faces, but tonight he was all smiles...must've been all the cake:)


Of course, we also have all of our boys with their toys, as they've gotten bigger so have the

We finally got to eat some dinner, Gramma always puts on the best spread:)

After dinner it was time for cake and ice cream...Dani made the cake, it looked and tasted pretty darn good!!

No First Birthday is complete without the cake smash!!



Of course the girls had to have a little dance party:)

Jalena did have a serious heart to heart with my mom though..haha

Connor went to spend the night at Aunt Kim's so I only had the two girls to bring home with me, I think they had a pretty big day.

Like I always say...Family, Friends and Food, what more could you ask for!!  What an awesome day we had today:)

Oh, and I forgot to show you the slow rise pitas from last night, we made some into Pita Chips at Spring & Rawky's.  Unfortunately, this girl didn't make it to dinner, a major headache kicked my butt and I had to leave just after the kids ate some pizza:(  Spring & Sarah both told me that the pitas were a big hit so it looks like they might become a frequent player in the kitchen:)

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