Monday, 25 February 2013

Back to Reality

We're home, safe and sound:)  What a great time we had, it's always nice to take some time away but it's back to the grindstone now:( 

Waking up Sunday morning I wondered why I felt so crowded until I got out of bed and realized that January takes up more room in a bed then I do...take a look at how much room Mom gets...
Poor Lauren woke up feeling very under the weather which sucked because we were heading out tubing at Horseshoe:(  She was a trooper though and hung out at the fire & watched January while the rest of us hit the slopes.  I managed to get some great video...the one from when Mom and I went down is by far the 
Mom and Me
Connor and Me 

Ty trying to pretend I'm not videoing
We all had a blast, especially Connor...he was a little daredevil on that tube:)
Even though January couldn't go down the hill with us,
she got in a little tubing action too:)
I finally got a chance to get the pics off my camera too:)


Swimming outside in the middle of winter...yes we did!!

 If you can't tell, we had a blast:) 

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