Friday, 22 February 2013

On the Road Again:)

So, we've finally arrived at our destination:) Mom, Connor, January and I left Mom's house at 2:30pm and arrived at 8:00pm after 1 stop for food. Of course we hit traffic, of course we ran into some snowy/icy conditions but both my kids were pretty darn good for such a long road trip. 

We're staying at the Carriage Hills Resort at Horseshoe Valley and it's pretty nice:) I can guarantee you I will be sitting in this beautiful tub at some point this weekend!!

I will also be lying down like a starfish in this bed, actually, the good daughter/sister that I am, my mom is staying in the one in our suite, my brother and Lauren get the other one in the attached studio and I'll be sleeping on a pullout couch with, this better get me some bonus points!!


We're going to be hitting the slopes tomorrow, so it's probably going to be an early night but check out this view from the front of our suite looking at the poolhouse:)

Stay tuned for tomorrow nights Mexican Fiesta...I'm super pumped for some tacos!!

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