Saturday, 23 February 2013

Like Mother, Like Daughter:(

I have a confession to make...January and I ended up in the big bed last night.  The reason isn't so great though...there's a beautiful electric fire place in the living room and January somehow burned her fingers.  I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree seeing as how I did a number on one of my fingers last week.  She didn't cry when it happened, she just started wringing her hands and I was wondering why and looked and noticed she had burned her fingers:(  Needless to say, once we started to make a big deal about it she started making a big deal about it...she was not a happy camper for a bit.  Anyways, her and I ended up sleeping in the big bed once we got her settled down for the night. 


My poor little girl is taking it
like a champ today, even
with blistered fingers

January did end up in the big tub last night 

We hit the pool and hot tub this morning, they actually have a pool that you can swim under a plastic wall and swim in a pool the middle of cool is that!! I have pics but they're on my regular camera so I can't download them yet:(

We headed out for lunch and ended up eating at a place called Loobies, great place to eat.  We really enjoyed our meal and the hot tubbing and swimming must've tuckered January right out because she slept through the entire meal. 

We had to hit the grocery store after to pick up what we needed for our Mexican Fiesta tonight.  I've never seen a sign like this, so Lauren and I had some fun with it:)


Careful Lauren, you don't want to end up on your you know

Ya, I know we're kind of dorky:)

We just finished up our Mexican Feast...are we all stuffed!!  We had Fajitas and Tacos with both hard shell corn tortillas and flour tortillas. 

I have some Epicure Masa Harina, which is corn flour for corn tortillas, I'm going to try it to make my own corn tortillas at home and then try out frying them to make hard shells because those are my favorite:)

I'm happy to say that even Ty, the pickiest eater of them all, left the table happy.  Of course a Mexican Feast wouldn't be complete without some Margarita's:)


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